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Bebe Rexha Lifts Lid On Dark Side Of Pop



Bebe Rexha Lifts Lid On Dark Side Of Pop

The star’s latest meeting is an unnerving knowledge into exactly how gravely young ladies are treated in the music business.

Bebe Rexha is one of the world’s most celebrated popstars, yet her voyage to the top has been a long way from simple. In a dangerous meeting with Cosmopolitian UK, the vocalist has revealed insight into the clouded side of the music business – specifying exactly how seriously it can treat ladies.

Bebe says she dreaded for her life in one case with a male maker. ‘I was separated from everyone else in the studio and a [different] maker had a gathering of five or six folks with him,’ she reviews. ‘I had heard things about him from quite a while ago and I just couldn’t bear it any more. I sensed that I would get assaulted. I unobtrusively considered myself a taxi from the account corner, which was encased, and I got the fuck out of there. It was the most noticeably awful night ever.’

Bebe included that Kesha’s mom, Pebe Sebert, cautioned her not to work with the Dr Luke, whom Kesha claims mishandled her all through their working relationship. Dr Luke has denied all claims.

Bebe stated, ‘I was at an evening gathering with [Kesha and her mother]. Her mother came up to me and murmured, “Don’t do it.” She was looking at working with Dr Luke. The music business can be a dim spot, and she could have been attempting to prevent me from getting in her girl’s way. Be that as it may, I tuned in and sincerely? Believing her was the best thing I at any point did.’

The star – who stood out as truly newsworthy around the globe when she guaranteed fashioners wouldn’t dress her for the Grammys as she might have been ‘too enormous’ – additionally says that she was constrained to get in shape when she began in the business.

‘When I previously got marked, the name stated, ‘Are you prepared to get fit as a fiddle?’ They needed me to lose 20lb (just about a stone and a half). In those days I was so little, I was just 130lb [around 9 stone]. It messed me up,’ she said during her meeting.

‘I was so chilly constantly. I would starve myself before taping a music video. She’d [a female imaginative director] sit inverse me during supper and state, “You’re not losing enough.” All I was eating was serving of mixed greens.’

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